Spiritual Direction

Spiritual directors have been described by author Susan Phillips, as “servants of the holy, listeners with the job of being attentive to God, with and for the sake of another” (Candlelight). At certain points in life, many people find that it is helpful to share their journey with another. In the pamphlet, “What to Expect in Christian Spiritual Direction,” spiritual direction is described as a “particular practice of deep listening that is informed by a contemplative way of being in the world.” This type of accompanying another may also be called spiritual guidance, spiritual journeying, or spiritual friendship. It is marked by deep listening to another person and attending to the movement of God in the events of that one’s life.

The Third Chair signifies that God is present during Spiritual Direction.

One myth about spiritual direction is that it is only available to those in religious vocations. The truth is that anyone can come for spiritual direction. It may be someone who wants to deepen her faith. Others may find themselves at a turning point of sorts in their lives. Others are enduring suffering. Regardless of the reason, people seek someone to help them navigate the spiritual landscape of their lives. Many find it helpful to talk and watch with a fellow traveler in the spiritual journey.

I received a Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction from Heart Paths DFW, an ecumenical training program in May 2018. This spiritual formation lasted three years, with the first year focusing on different types of prayer, the second year being an Ignatian retreat, and the third a practicum in spiritual direction. The program also required meeting with one’s own spiritual director at least once a month. I am in an on-going supervision group with Heart Paths as well. Additionally, I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, the professional organization that promotes the contemplative practice of spiritual direction. For more information, check out SDI’s website https://www.sdiworld.org/

As the spouse of a minister, I have had several other opportunities to minister to people in and out of our congregations through the years. I have also attended a specialized listening workshop in the United Kingdom in 2008. I am very familiar with 12-step recovery programs and feel that all of these experiences make me a more in tune spiritual director today.

For more information on spiritual direction, read the attached article I wrote for “The Living Church” on January 20, 2019 entitled “Holy Listening.”


You may also contact me through this website or my email hotchki4@gmail.com if you are interested in exploring spiritual direction with me.