More About Me

I grew up in Memphis. TN, most famous for being the home of Elvis. I grew up attending church with my family and also became involved in Young Life, a para-church ministry to high school kids. I was a Young Life leader in Baton Rouge when I attended LSU and later when I returned to Memphis to work. In fact, I met my husband, Tom Hotchkiss, through Memphis Young Life. We were married in 1986, and our sons, Wheat, and Chandler were born in 1988 and 1990.

After leaving Young Life, Tom went back to his roots in the Episcopal church and worked for St. John’s in Memphis for four years. At St. John’s I was introduced to the Episcopal church and was confirmed. In 1991 Tom and I and our children went to Virginia Theological Seminary where he completed his M.Div. Since his graduation in 1993, we have served six churches, lived in five cities, and seen God’s guiding hand in our lives.

My main focus has been teaching Adult Formation and leading Bible studies in the various parishes where we have served.  In addition, during the past several years, I have led retreats of various lengths and types. I have also enjoyed getting to know the parishioners in every church and have often had the privilege of having a ministry of listening and presence. This led me to pursue a Listening Course at Acorn Healing Center in Whitehall when my husband was in the UK for a sabbatical. More recently, I received a Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction from a three-year ecumenical spiritual formation program, Heart Paths DFW. Just this past summer, I attended Facilitator Training for Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust as well. I feel that all of these opportunities have enabled me to be an effective spiritual director as well as teacher and retreat leader. Last year a friend of mine and I started a Clergy Spouse Bible Study in our current diocese. As part of this process we wrote our own Bible study for clergy spouses that referenced The Book of Common Prayer, as well as sacred and secular music and other contemporary culture art forms. We are currently in the process of expanding this study so that it can be published. Most recently, in February 2019, I joined the board of Spiritual Ministries Institute. SMI seeks to promote multi-denominational spiritual formation and growth ministries in the Dallas area. For more information, check out SMI’s website

Through my personal and ministry experiences, I have come to see God as one who is always loving and always seeking a personal relationship with each of us. Many in contemporary society do not experience God as loving or even God at all. I want my personal ministry to point out God at work in individual and corporate lives, or in the words of the prophet Habbukuk,  “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets.”

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